How do i know computer centers are bad?. Well, I ate that dog food.

While i was studying 12th, i joined a part time course called HDCA. That course ruined me. They taught me MS-DOS in the first week. Well, i had to mug up a list of commands. The next week i became a great programmer :). They started the VB programming class, the worst type of language for a beginner. The worst part is, a B.Sc. college student taught me the VB programming language.

Every day she used to give me a sheet containing code and i used to type the code with some errors and then she used to correct it. It went on like that for two more weeks. They taught me how to drag and drop buttons and controls, to create forms and i never understood what was going on. I lost my interest after two weeks and i started to bunk the classes.

After a few weeks, the my teacher called me and told that i had to write a exam to get the certificates. I went to the exam hall and i copied down everything from the one who sat behind me. The next day i went there and my teacher told me that she was going to teach me oracle. He told me to type a pretty long sentence in the command line and it showed some results, i couldn’t even figure out whether i was getting the expected output or not. That was the last day i went there.

Programming is one of the field where you would learn better if you learn by yourself. Are you planning to join a computer course in the summer holidays? think twice before you make a decision.