Anantha Kumaran random thoughts

Reading Statistics

So far I have read books written by distinct authors in 2 different languages totalling about pages.
A short timeline of when I read each book. A single dot represents a book and their positions are adjusted along the y axis such that they don't collide with each other. Color represents the rating, the darker the better. Hover over a dot for details.
Distribution of ratings given by me for each book. I rarely finish badly written books, which explains the near non existence of 1 and 2 star ratings.
Distribution of publication year of each book. Some entries are not present because their publication dates are not available.
Distribution of total page count of each book. Some books which don't have the total page count are not shown.
Number of books read per year.
Number of pages read per year.
Grouping of authors based on the number of books I have read. Each dot represents an author. The size of the dot is scaled based on the number of books. Hover over a dot for the list of books. If a book is written by more than one authors, only the primary author of the book is considered.
Number of books per shelf. Same book may present in multiple shelves.
Timeline of the kind of books I have read. Color represents the book shelf (same as the previous bar chart) and area represents the percentage of time spent.
List of books, grouped by ratings and within each group the books are sorted by average rating in goodreads. Click on a shelf to filter selection.