Human, the only species on the earth which is consciously aware of the fact that death is inevitable. Although everyone is aware of the fact, most of them act in such a way that they are going to live forever. The human race as whole lives, reproduces and goes on. Though it might make sense for the race as a whole — where it is marching towards is out of scope of this discussion — it never makes sense for an individual to take part in this.

It leads to the inevitable question, why does a human choose to live, when he can easily kill himself. Thus liberating himself and the yet to born descendants from the worldly misery. What makes human beings resilient against suicidal thoughts. I am sure everyone — at least those who have crossed their childhood — must have contemplated suicide at some point in their life. But almost all of them try to bury the thought deep inside their mind, afraid of it, even though they know nothing about what lies ahead.

We wouldn’t be here if all our ancestors had decided to kill themselves. But this doesn’t explain the fact nonetheless. What keeps them going forward. What keeps them from exploring the other end of the death.