Except some high profile engineering colleges like IIT, the quality of professors in most of the engineering colleges is pathetic. But this reaches a whole new level in Computer Science department, where a professor who has no idea about the fundamentals of compiler could teach you the compiler course, by dictating whatever is written on the course book, and dodge any questions raised by students by blabbering something irrelevant to the question.

It begs the natural question: why the situation is so bad in CS department compared to others?

The main problem seems to be the demand and supply of computer science professionals — which determines the salary indirectly. The supply is very less compared to the demand, even people with pathetic skill set get a job as a software engineer with a good salary.

Most of the colleges pay peanuts compared to the software industry salary. This may be good enough to attract competent professors in other departments, where there is a huge supply of professionals compared to the demand. But this is definitely not the case in the software industry.

The result is, most of the people who show up for the professor job interviews are the ones who don’t even have the minimal skill set required to get a job in software industry.