You have already invested more than 5 years in your career, it’s going really well, you have started to spend more and more time with your keyboard, churning out good amount of code, then one day you start to feel little discomfort in one of your fingers, but you shrug it off, weeks go by, but the discomfort starts to become irritating, you have to take rest after 5 or 6 hours of typing, days go by, one day you wake up and see a slight inflammation on knuckle, presume it will go away in a day if you give it rest, next day instead of going away, it enlarges, you can’t form a fist without discomfort.

That’s when you realize you have injured your fingers – In most of the cases, you injure the muscles that control the fingers, but you feel the pain around fingers. Panic strikes in, you start to think about your future prospects. What else can you do that doesn’t require you to sit and push buttons continuously for hours at a time. Not many, that pays the same as the current one. You could become a lecturer, teach theory to a group of students where 90% of them would be waiting impatiently for your class to get over, so that they can stop pretending that they are actually listening to whatever you are teaching.